Hi, Welcome to the one stop Fidget Spinner Print Shop! Every Day Carry!  

This is the one stop 3D Print fidget shop. This is an additive manufacturing site at its best. These are great EDC focus toys and help with a wide range of fidgeting need including Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, smoking, and any kind of fidgeting. We offer standard grade products as well as custom bad boy fidgeting masterpieces. Like us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

Now a little about us...... 
We are dad and son owned working to save money for son's, Junior's, college tuition. He will graduate from high school in three years and I would like to be able to pay for his college tuition, out of pocket, with proceeds from this business. I'm a late blooming student of design and have drafted and 3d printed these designs that Junior and I have come up with. We are proud to bring you quality functional designs that serve a real world purpose. If there'e one thing I would like for Junior to learn about with this is to treat the customer right and take pride in bringing quality products and a decent price. Hope we get the pleasure of doing business with you all!